Support through fact-finding

Levent Bedrijfsrecherche offers professional knowledge and support in the form of fact finding research. For example, if you believe there is a suspicious robbery, a dubious accident, or fire. You know that an undesirable activity has taken place within your organisation, but you do not get the finger on exactly what that has been. And above all: how this could have happened?

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Expert, reliable and independent fact-finding studies


Levent Bedrijfsrecherche uses fact-finding to find out the progress of what has been done to your organisation or company, or what has taken place. We get the bottom stone above. This is the main issue in the case of an investigation of the facts.

However, each situation requires a different approach. The facts investigation can be used to retrieve and reconstruct many different incidents. In addition to thorough desk research, it is also possible to find out background information by means of professional interviews with those involved. Traces can be checked and if necessary Levent Bedrijfsrecherche reconstructs the circumstances up to how they must have been at the time of the offence.

With this we create an objective basis for recommendations for changes and adjustments in your organization. The person responsible can be held liable and you can recover the damage suffered. Levent Bedrijfrecherche has the right tools and technical means to carry out the investigation effectively and efficiently.


Need help with a fact-finding investigation?


The specialised experts of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche will be happy to support you in monitoring the safety of your organisation. Prevention is better than cure. However, in the event that you want to have a fact-finding investigation carried out, it is cure and prevention. The gap that has been created by an incident can be found and closed with the help of the fact-finding investigation. At the same time, such situations and events can be avoided in the future by the information obtained from the force majeure investigation.

Are you dealing with an undesirable situation in your company and you do not find out exactly what is going on? We will be happy to inform you about what we can do for you during a no-obligation meeting. You can reach our advisors by telephone on +31 (088) 98 76 000.

Repairing damage to your image and recovering the costs incurred from the perpetrator? Find out who(s) are responsible and hold them liable? Apply directly for an investigation of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche.