Levent Bedrijfsecherche offers effective solutions for security problems in your company or organisation. Our experienced specialists have been carrying out searches for years in various principles, such as integrity and background investigations. They do this for well-known and prominent organisations, but also for small self-employed people. At Levent detectives you can think of internal fraud, non-competition clauses, the investigation of excessive absenteeism due to illness or work and risk assessment. For more information, or to make an appointment directly, you can reach us by phone at +31 (088) 98 76 000.


Company investigation

Companies, (non-profit) organisations and (semi) governments: every organisation can benefit from company research. Tackling internal fraud preventively is a plus for every company. In many cases, fraud is not committed with preconceived councils, but is realised on the basis of opportunistic considerations. In other words: where there are holes, it will leak. By having an extensive analysis carried out by the investigators of Levent, you will be much better able to protect you and your organisation against both external and internal fraud.


Multidisciplinary and complex

Levent Bedrijfsrecherche offers a multidisciplinary service both nationally and internationally. This enables us to assist organisations with problems in the field of security matters. Levent Bedrijfsrecherche can offer you solutions in specialist and complex cases in the field of security:

  • Security Risk Management (security consultancy and compliance);
  • Screening (companies and individuals);
  • Fraud investigation (company fraud and facts investigation);
  • Crisis Management (contingency planning and emergency response);
  • PersonalBondsBudget (PGB fraud investigation);
  • Private investigation issues.

Levent’s specialists are also experts in the field of screening and have years of experience in employment screening and background investigations. Our working method is based on the “four eyes” principle. Each screening is checked after completion by a second examination. After all, four eyes see more than two. The four-eye principle is applied to monitor the integrity of both the research and the results obtained from it.


The numbers

130,000 people in our country have been victims of identity fraud, according to a study conducted by Fellowes.

In the last twelve months, 36 percent of Dutch organisations have observed an increase in the (estimated) damage suffered in connection with economic crimes. This can be read in PWC’s biennial Global Economic Crime Survey.

350,000 to 700,000 euros, the damage from economic crime was 9 percent of the organisations that PWC investigated in the Netherlands. In the remaining 91 percent, the financial loss was below 70,000 euros.


‘That will not happen to me’.


In the spring of 2002, the American Democratic Senator Paul Sarbanes defended his bill for good corporate governance in the Senate. Because the measures he proposed were very drastic, he received little support. His Republican colleague Michael Oxley came to the Senate with an adapted, milder version, but that version was not well received either. This immediately changed when a number of scandals came to light in the United States, with the historical lows being those at WorldCom and Enron. Sarbanes and Oxley juxtaposed their proposals and thus formed the basis for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This time the law was approved and was introduced on 30 July 2002. In the meantime, new scandals had emerged, including at AOL, Tyco and QWest. Do you still think that it cannot happen to you?


Trust comes on foot and goes on horseback.


Need help with your safety problems?

Are you thinking of having an integrity investigation or another form of criminal investigation carried out by an external party? Levent Bedrijfsecherche has been active in the field of company investigations for many years and knows better than anyone how to support you and your organisation in the prevention and prevention of internal fraud, integrity violations and other matters where you would rather not have to deal with your organisation anymore.

Levent gets the bottom stone above: also for your organization. Request an introductory meeting with Levent’s experts immediately.