Pre-employment screening of your candidates prevents costs and reputational damage
Pre-employment screening is the retrieval of information about future personnel in order to determine the integrity and reliability of the candidate. The aim is to exclude potential risks as much as possible.

More and more employers are having the background of future employees thoroughly checked by means of a screening study before offering an employment contract.

The reason for this is simple: the person on the other side of the table has every chance to pretend to be completely different from who he or she actually is. Of course, that need not be the case at all, but what if the candidate turns out not to have the right diplomas at all after joining the company? What if you had known that your new employee was kindly asked to leave his previous employer because of theft, or worse? That is why our advice is: screen your candidates.

Depending on the desired position, a pre-employment screening consists of one or more parts that are important for the position to be performed.

Integrity and reliability of personnel through pre-employment screening
Good and reliable personnel is one of the most important components for the success of your organisation. It is therefore not surprising that more and more employers are checking the background of future employees; a so-called pre-employment Screening. They do this for a good reason.

• In 75% of the CVs are untruths

• 25% of the CVs even contain deliberate lies

• 18% of applicants lie about an education obtained

• And 15% have a criminal record…

Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners / Global Fraud Study 2014.

Pre-employment screening increases the quality of your recruitment and selection
By means of a pre-employment Screening you filter out most of the above irregularities. This increases the quality of your recruitment and selection and at the same time you create a corporate culture with reliable and honest people.

Specialist Levent Bedrijfsrecherche delivers independent pre-employment screenings of high quality that you can easily start online within seconds. Within 1 to 20 days (depending on the intended position of the candidate and the related components of the pre-employment screening) your applicant is checked for reliability and integrity.

You can view the progress at any time of the day via a clear online dashboard.

Pre-employment screening by Levent Bedrijfsrecherche works
In practice, it appears that inaccuracies in the CV are reported in 1 in 8 applicants who are screened by Levent Bedrijfsrecherche.

In 4.7% of the total pre-employment screenings this leads to a negative opinion, because it has actually been established that the candidate has intentionally provided incorrect or forged information.

In 15.2% of the pre-employment screenings we place a warning signal and advise the client to consult with the candidate about the subject concerned.

One of our clients found out that we had placed a warning signal and the candidate was still appointed, but that he or she had left voluntarily or otherwise within 6 months.

Components of a pre-employment screening
Depending on the position to be filled, a pre-employment screening consists of one or more parts that are important for the position to be filled.

This is where the thinking comes in:

• Determining the correct identity

• CV button (depth depending on your preferences)

• Alert on (inter)national warning lists

• Verification of the declared training(s) and diploma(s) on the basis of authorisation by the candidate

• Work experiences from 5 to 15 years ago (reference study)

• Internet profile (open source research, depth depending on function and risks)

• Integrity declaration (depth depending on function and risks)

• Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG)

• Financial research (depth depending on function and risks)

• Interview where integrity issues are discussed

• Environmental research (e.g. criminals in the immediate vicinity)

How does pre-employment screening work?
The work process is aimed at relieving you of as much of your worries as possible, so that it does not take you time and money to find out the reliability and integrity of your candidate.

With the working method we use, you can provide information via a secure internet connection immediately after registration. The lead time of the screen investigation depends on the complexity of the information obtained and the cooperation of the candidate. Your organisation will be assigned a Client and User account for the following purposes

Issuing orders and uploading documents.
Being able to follow the screening process (status determination).

Download the screen report and related documents.
It works as follows:

You log in to the Client account of our screen database with your User ID.
In the web form you fill in the candidate’s details.
You choose a file type.
Please enter the date of birth and home address of the candidate. We use this information to request the Certificate of Conduct.
Under the tab “Files” you can submit the necessary digital documents. After this we will deal with the assignment in the following steps:
The candidate will be informed by e-mail and text message that the screening is being carried out. During the Low Risk screening, the candidate is also assigned a User ID to log in and provide the requested information and documents.
Based on the information provided, the screening process is started and executed.
We prepare the screen report and inform you by e-mail that you can download the report and accompanying documents (VOG and self-declaration of behaviour).

The five steps of a pre-employment screening

Issuing a mission
As soon as you have a client/user account, you can issue screening orders. After logging in to our secure portal, you provide the necessary basic information of the candidate. You choose the desired package and confirm the order to screen. After this action, Levent Bedrijfsrecherche takes over the work from you.

Informing the candidate
The candidate will be notified by e-mail and SMS that the screening will be carried out on your behalf.

Candidate provides information to
In many cases, the candidate is requested to provide certain information via a secure database. This includes, for example, an authorisation to approach referees and other relevant documents and information.

Pre-employment screening is carried out
The screening is carried out on the basis of the information provided. A simple screening can be completed within one day. A complex screening can take up to 20 working days. In the preliminary phase we will inform you how much time a screening of personnel will approximately take.

Screen report
After completion we will show the results of the examination first to the candidate and after approval by the candidate we will inform you by e-mail that the report is available to you. You can then view the screen report and any accompanying documents via your account.

Who performs the pre-employment screening?
Levent Bedrijfsrecherche employs a professional team of psychologists, research experts, interview specialists, criminologists and detective experts.

All our employees are qualified and have extensive experience in the field. They have worked for police, justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defence and in the scientific world. They know like no other the importance of honest and reliable personnel and how to screen them professionally.

Every year they carry out no less than 1900 high-quality pre-employment screenings.

Of course, all employees of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche are also thoroughly screened.

Pre-employment screening is recommended for all employees.
Traditionally, pre-employment screenings are performed for high positions, such as Members of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

With the experience and knowledge we have built up, we have also developed simpler pre-employment screenings for less high, but nevertheless equally important positions, including:

Counter employees
Cleaning staff
Facility staff
ICT professionals
Logistics employees
Administrative staff
Healthcare providers
Nursery staff
Teachers in primary, secondary and higher education
In short: all personnel at strategic, tactical and operational level.

You can use pre-employment screenings for each candidate, but it is recommended to do this at least for positions that rely on the integrity of the future employee.

After all, all positions involve small to large risks that justify a pre-employment screening.

For this reason, the following organisations, among others, screen their future staff:

Financial institutions
Public institutions
Legal services
Media settings
Food sector
Vital infrastructure (energy, telecom)
Transport and logistics service providers
HRM organisations
Healthcare institutions
Educational institutions
SMEs and enterprises with 500+ employees

The benefits of pre-employment screening
People are responsible for 80% of the risks within organisations.

A pre-employment screening of a candidate selected by you has the following advantages for your organisation:

Insight into the quality of the candidate’s CV, but also into his or her work ethic and motivation.

Lower recruitment and selection costs because candidates with an illicit past do not register

Reduced staff turnover due to unwanted surprises afterwards

Less training costs as a result of a reduction in turnover

Reducing costs through fraud, dismissal procedures, and administrative costs through, among other things, attachment of wages and debt restructuring

Prevent image and reputation damage for your organisation and all those involved

Distinctive power in relation to your competitor

What does pre-employment screening cost?
The cost of a pre-employment screening is determined on the basis of the effort required to give a thorough opinion on the reliability and integrity of the candidate.

The intended position and the associated risk elements are particularly important here.

A job with a limited risk profile can be realised from 70 euros (ex VAT).

A screening of an average risk profile costs between 250 and 450 euros.

For the higher risk profile, it depends on the nature and vulnerability of the position. A higher screening starts at 500 euros, but can amount to 2700 euros for more extensive and more in-depth investigations.

In consultation, we will put together a screen package tailored to your wishes for a screening that matches the job profile.

Naturally, we ensure that the costs of all our packages are clear in advance, so that you will not be faced with any surprises.

In a free consultation we will tell you more about the design and nature of our screenings and how they best fit your organization.

Want to know for sure who exactly you are going to hire – or who you have already hired? Apply directly for a screening of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche.