If your employee decides to work for another company, as part of the post-employment screening, we will investigate whether he or she is not taking any company-sensitive and confidential information, customers or property with him or her.


Who carries out the post-employment screening?


Post-employment screenings are mainly carried out by senior investigators with questioning skills: it is more a criminal investigation than a background investigation into a new employee. Post-employment screenings are mainly intended for employees who can take sensitive information with them unlawfully and can harm your company.


How does a post-employment screening work?


A conversation with the departing employee is always part of the screening. We discuss a number of matters with the employee, such as which company information and/or goods he or she has in his or her possession, but also the competition and relationship clause. Employers often find this type of conversation difficult, but by outsourcing it to us, you ensure that the termination of the employment contract is properly arranged. The departing employee will not find it burdensome if he or she has nothing to hide.

Together with you, we determine in advance the risk profile of the departing employee. The answers of the departing employee determine the direction and severity of the investigation.


Why a post-employment screening?


Functions with a commercial and strategic character carry risks of accidental loss of company, secret and strategically sensitive information. This is often a difficult subject for employers to discuss. The employee may wrongly get the impression that he/she is not trusted. In addition, it is generally difficult for employers to determine whether the risks are run or have already been run. By having the investigation and the interview carried out by us, an external independent party, you prevent emotional and sometimes difficult legal situations.


When a post-employment screening?


It is important that you bring us in at such an early stage: the sooner, the better. As soon as the employee has reported his or her dismissal, we can start the post-employment screening. As long as the employee is still employed, we have a grip on the situation and can still provide guidance. You can see it as the correct, appropriate conclusion of the employment contract, with which you limit the risk to a minimum. We can then possibly make additional agreements and avoid ambiguities, but also legal processes.


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