In-Employment Screening

Screening at function changes
In-employment screening is carried out during internal job changes in strategic and sensitive positions. We also perform in-employment screening if there are internal signs of an employee’s dysfunction.

The procedure of an in-employment screening is the same as that of the pre-employment screening, but the content may vary considerably.

An identity check is no longer necessary,
The CV is also known,
You are often the referent yourself and
The training courses obtained are checked on commencement of employment.
A new position often involves different risk factors. Financial databases, a certificate of good conduct (VOG), a personal certificate of conduct and open source research. You want to know whether there have been changes in these matters in the recent period that influence your choice for the employee in his or her new position. Of course, you want to be able to continue to rely on the integrity of your staff.


What is the difference between in- and pre-employment screening?

The terms actually speak for themselves. In-employment screening is used for existing personnel (for example in case of a job change or in case of suspicion of wrong behaviour) and pre-employment screening is used when recruiting new personnel. However, screening of existing personnel in the Netherlands is still severely underexposed. Although a lot of people already use the Pre-Employment Screening (PES), in-employment screening is still not used enough by companies.


How does an in-employment screening work?

In the case of an in-employment screening, we ask the candidate to provide information again. We also look for new information ourselves, or reconfirmation of information we have previously requested, during pre-employment screening. It concerns information that could be subject to change, such as:

The behaviour on the internet,
Financial circumstances,
A statement of conduct and
The Integrity Statement.
We can ask the candidate specific questions about this. In short: we will find out the information that has been established previously but may have changed. Afterwards you will receive a screen report.


Who carries out the in-employment screening?

The in-employment screenings of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche are also carried out by a professional team of psychologists, research experts, interview specialists, criminologists and detective experts.

All employees of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche are qualified and have extensive experience in the field. They have worked for police, justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defence and in the scientific world. They know like no other the importance of honest and reliable personnel and how to screen them professionally.

Of course, all our employees have also been thoroughly screened.


What does in-employment screening cost?

The costs of an in-employment screening are determined on the basis of the effort required to give a thorough opinion on the reliability and integrity of the candidate.

The intended position and the associated risk elements are particularly important here.

A screening of an average risk profile costs between 250 and 450 euros.

For the higher risk profile, your investment depends on the nature and vulnerability of the position. A higher screening starts at 500 euros, but can amount to 2700 euros for more extensive and more in-depth investigations. We determine the screen package together with you and ensure that the costs are clear in advance, so that you are not faced with any surprises.

In a free consultation we will be happy to tell you more about in-employment screening and how it best suits your organisation.

Want to know for sure who exactly you are going to hire – or who you have already hired? Apply directly for a screening of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche.