Are you looking for the right agency to conduct a background check for your company and your employees? Levent’s specialised company search is ready to assist you and your organisation. With the help of a background check, decision making can be simplified many times over. The more information you have at your disposal, the better the overview in your employees and business partners. A background investigation is not only an effective way to uncover any criminal facts from the past. Other registers are also used to sketch the full picture of a person.


Explanation of background checks

A background check is simply put into words an investigation into incidents from the past. In journalism, background investigations are used, for example, to dig in the past of someone who held a high position, or a person who has gained fame and wealth from nothing. It is not uncommon in the business world for such an investigation to take place at the end of the application procedure.

Background checks are particularly common in government and semi-government bodies. During this investigation, use is mainly made of the criminal record to map out any incidents. However, other registers are also used and in some cases active investigation is used to find out the past.


The working method of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche

The specialists of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche draw up an extensive report containing all findings within the agreed term. During the background check, our company detectives dig into the curriculum vitae (training courses, diplomas and references), creditors and debtors, criminal cases from the past, social media and internet profiling and more.

Employees are at the heart of our investigations. After all, there is no organisation without them; on the other hand, fraud can only be committed internally by employees. It is therefore the task of the organisation to recognise and tackle any risks. With the help of the expertise of our specialists, such risks are recognised many times faster and any gaps are closed. Everything to monitor the integrity of your organisation.


More information about the background check

Do you have questions about the background check, or are you curious what Levent Bedrijfsrecherche can do for you and your organisation?
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