Examine the authenticity of your candidate
Are you looking for new employees and do you want a background survey of them? Do you want to be sure of a healthy corporate culture in which you can trust your employees? During a background check we systematically screen whether the information provided by the candidate is in line with reality and whether the candidate has not withheld relevant data. With a tailor-made background study, we provide your company with the necessary information about the integrity of your employees.

Based on objective insights into the integrity of your candidates, we ensure that your employees meet your standards and enable you to limit business risks, prevent loss costs and increase the value and reliability of your organisation.

Prevent premature dismissal with a background study by Levent Bedrijfsrecherche.
You can limit your business risk with a background study of your candidate. Because you avoid dismissal of an employee who appears not to be suitable for the position. You avoid possible costs of theft, fraud and undermining within your company.

Levent Bedrijfsrecherche has years of experience with background research and screening of candidates and takes into account all possible risks that are relevant for you. We not only thoroughly examine the candidate’s background but also check the CV. With a background study by Levent Bedrijfsrecherche you can be sure that all your (future) employees really have no secrets for you.

High-quality background research of candidates
With a team of experienced professionals, we carry out high-quality and expert background research that meets all the requirements of your company.

We use a unique way of working that imposes as little administrative burden as possible on you as the client and the candidate.

Through direct lines of communication and smart ICT solutions, we keep the lead time of the research short. You will receive a clear report in which we explain all the components.

Our report is functional and shows immediately which points of attention remain to discuss with the screened candidate.

Repairing image damage and recovering costs incurred from the perpetrator? Find out who(s) are responsible and hold them liable? Apply directly for an investigation of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche.