Screening of employees limits your business risks


We divide employment screening into 3 categories:

Pre-employment screening – for future employees

In-employment screening – For internal job changes in strategic and sensitive positions

Post-employment screening – for employees who continue their career elsewhere.


Employment screening is an independent screening of the data provided by your (future) employees. During the screening we systematically examine whether the information provided by the candidate is in accordance with the reality and whether the candidate has not withheld any relevant data.

Do you want to be sure of a healthy corporate culture in which you can trust your employees? Then you are at the right address for an employment screening at Levent Bedrijfsrecherche! With a tailor-made employment screening of employees we provide your company with the necessary information about the integrity of your employees.

Based on objective insights into the integrity of your candidates, we ensure that your employees meet your standards and enable you to limit business risks, prevent loss costs and increase the value and reliability of your organization.

We deliver tailor-made work: based on your wishes, we provide flexible, affordable, tailor-made employment screening.


Save business costs with an employment screening by Levent Bedrijfsecherche

With an employment screening you save costs and limit your business risk. Because with an employment screening by Levent Bedrijfsrecherche you avoid dismissal of an employee who turns out not to be suitable for the position. You avoid possible costs of theft, fraud and subversion within your company.

Levent Bedrijfsrecherche has years of experience in screening candidates and takes into account all possible risks that are relevant to you. We not only check the CV but also thoroughly examine the candidate’s background. With a screening at Levent Bedrijfsrecherche you can be sure that all your (future) employees really have no secrets for you.


High-quality employment screening

With a team of experienced professionals, we carry out high-quality employment screening that meets all the requirements of your company.

Levent Bedrijfsrecherche uses a unique way of working that places as little administrative burden as possible on the client and the candidate.

Through direct lines of communication and smart ICT solutions we keep the lead time of a screening short. You will receive a clear report, in which we explain all the components

Our report is functional and shows immediately which points of attention remain to discuss with the screened candidate.


Is screening your staff yourself a good idea?

No. We don’t think it’s a good idea if you start screening your own staff.

We often hear that companies and institutions screen their own personnel. However, if we continue to ask questions, it turns out that people do not or hardly check training and work history. Referrer checks are often omitted due to a lack of time. If this does happen, people often do not ask the questions that are really important. Most HR employees focus on the competencies of the candidate, but leave the integrity issues underexposed. Asking critical questions with regard to integrity is often difficult. It is often experienced that it can damage the relationship of trust with the candidate and therefore often refrains from asking the necessary questions.

Financial research is often completely omitted, because it feels difficult and uncomfortable. But realise the following: employees with financial problems report sick more often, often work less efficiently and pose an integrity risk to your organisation.


Employment screening is also assessing the information found

A thorough online employment screening of applicants requires more than just a quick check on Google and Facebook. The information found must also be correctly assessed and the search itself is already an extensive and time-consuming task.

We have developed our method in such a way that we search the internet with specifically developed searches of approximately 700 negative keywords. This method has proven to be time-saving and very effective. In addition, we use various diploma registers and sources around the candidate, such as former employers and other referees.

Want to know for sure who exactly you are going to hire – or who you have already hired? Apply directly for a screening of Levent Bedrijfsrecherche.


Screening and privacy & legislation

In all screenings by Bedrijfsrecherche we take the privacy of the candidate and the client into account.

All activities we perform are permitted by law. For approaching former employers and other referees For approaching former employers and other sponsors we ask permission from the candidate.
For the processing of personal data we strictly adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation.